Miki Money Exchange Office provides WebMoney exchange services such as WMZ, WME and WMR. A resident of any country over the age of 18 after signing an agreement can become our customer.

Our services include:

1. Electronic wallet depositing. One can convert US dollars, Euro and Nis to WMZ, WME and WMR by means of bank transfer or cash.

2. Electronic wallet selling. (Funds withdrawal). One can convert WMZ, WME and WMR to US dollars, Euro and Nis by means of bank transfer or cash.

3. WebMoney Israel exchange. One can exchange WMZ to WME or vice-versa.

4. Cash currencies exchange. Exchange of cash currencies as well as Bank transfer (wire or credit card transfer).
US Dollars, Euro or Nis can be exchanged at our Exchange Office.

Dear Customer!
You can use our Exchange Office Services 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is guaranteed to have a simple, convenient, fast and secure exchange transaction. You can always be sure that you get the most attractive exchange rates and the unsurpassed quality of service. A large currency reserve allows for the exchange of large amounts.

In order to start exchange by simplified procedure, please register on our web-site accepting Moneyils Service Agreement and its Annex (it takes some minutes).