WebMoney Exchange  is one of the biggest system of electronic money all over the world. Millions of people have used this payment system. WebMoney allows you to perform secure and fast transactions via Internet, WebMoney exchange, buy different goods and pay various services convenient for you.
You can perform electronic money transactions and use all system services, including WebMoney exchange from anywhere in the world.

Usually credit cards have been used in order to pay for goods and services via Internet. However the main disadvantage of credit card is already has known. Credit card data can be an easy prey to on-line scams therefore fraudulent bank payments via Internet are no longer a rarity. 
In such a situation, secure electronic money is a cure-all, as for ordinary users (buyers) and sellers.

WebMoney system does not use cash or non-cash money, but uses electronic units defined by the system. Electronic money can be instantly transferred from one electronic wallet (WebMoney wallet) to another via Internet. In this case each user can anytime exchange electronic money for cash or non-cash (WebMoney selling) or vice versa (WebMoney buying). 
WebMoney wallet is similar to usual wallet and it contains not paper money but electronic. 

The main types of WebMoney wallets: 

Z-wallet is a dollar wallet. It keeps US Dollars. Such money are called WMZ money. Herewith 1 WMZ =$1. Z-wallet number includes Z letter and the following 12 digits (eg. Z656413287879).      
E-wallet is a euro wallet. It keeps Euro. Herewith 1 WME = €1. E-wallet number includes E letter and the following 12 digits

R-wallet is a ruble wallet. It keeps rubles. Such money are called WMR money. Herewith 1 WMR = 1 RUR. R-wallet number includes R letter and the following 12 digits. 

WM - identifier (WMID) and wallet number have a different concept. WMID is used for logon authentication, identification and is a kind of user registration number or login. Wallet number can be used while funds receiving or sending via WebMoney as well as accumulation of user WM-money. 
All transactions are performed between the wallets of the same type inside the WebMoney. It means that wallet holder can transfer money from his Z-wallet to another holder of Z-wallet. But there is no opportunity to transfer money from Z-wallet to E-wallet. 

User can create any wallets number of different types inside his WMID. Since electronic money is a convertible means of payment it gives you an opportunity to exchange one electronic currency to another (WebMoney exchange) with several wallets of different types. For example, you can exchange WME (EUR) for WMR (RUR) or WMZ (USD). 
You can easily and safely exchange WebMoney at  Miki Money Exchange Office. In addition, you can replenish or withdraw WebMoney by buying or selling of electronic currencies, such as WMZ, WME and WMR for US Dollars, Euros or Israel shekels cash. 
You can exchange WebMoney using one of following methods: 

  1. WebMoney Exchange for Israel shekels cash. 
  2. WebMoney Exchange for wire transfer.
  3. WebMoney Exchange for US dollars.
  4. WebMoney Exchange for Euro.

  The main advantages of WebMoney are:


  •    transfer and receipt of money without leaving home;
  •   ability to exchange money regardless of distance even if the payer and the recipient are in completely different parts of the globe;
  •   transactions are performed instantly, within seconds;
  •  WebMoney convenience when paying for various services and goods (books, gifts, software, music, movies, online games, PIN-codes etc.);
  •  transaction fee is only 0.8% of the transferred amount;
  •  WebMoney is impossible to forge, they are safe and protected.


  To register at WebMoney system please follow this link: www.wmtransfer.com